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English Simpl/pinyin/sound Traditional
to be convinced (that sth is true)
to believe
to accept sth as true
xiāng xìn 相信
convinced; to break; to fracture; to snap; to suffer loss; to bend; to twist; to turn; to change direction; to convert into (currency); discount; rebate; tenth (in price); classifier for theatrical scenes; to fold; accounts book zhé
to be convinced
to be sure
to firmly believe
to be positive that
definite news
què xìn 確信
to be convinced
to accept
fú qì 服氣
to be convinced (by an argument); clothes; dress; garment; to serve (in the military, a prison sentence etc); to obey; to convince; to admire; to acclimatize; to take (medicine); mourning clothes; to wear mourning clothes
to be completely convinced
to fully accept another person's views
chéng fú 誠服
to say that one is convinced
to take medicine orally
oral (contraceptive etc)
kǒu fú 口服
to be convinced
to believe
pài dìng 派定
to become convinced
to figure out
to realize
to come round (to an idea)
to get over it
xiǎng tōng 想通
to admire from the heart
xīn zhé 心摺
to be convinced
to convince
to subdue
to be bowled over
zhé fú 折服