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English Simpl/pinyin/sound Traditional
to let go
to put
to place
to release
to free
to let out
to set off (fireworks)
to let go
to send
to let go
to cast
to let loose
to discharge
to give expression to
unwilling to let go of
reluctant to part with (sth or sb)
bù shě 不捨
to let go unpunished
to pay no attention to
to disregard
to ignore
to let off
bù wèn 不問
to let go
to release
fàng kāi 放開
to let go one's hold
to give up
to have a free hand
fàng shǒu 放手
to let go of
to lay down
to put down
to relinquish
to set aside
to lower (the blinds etc)
fàng xià 放下
to let go to waste
to abandon
huāng qì 荒棄
reluctant (to leave, to let go etc) liàn liàn 戀戀
to let go of sth
to give up
sā shǒu 撒手
to let go
to loosen one's grip
to put sth down
shì shǒu 釋手
to let go
to release
to loosen
to untie
to come loose
sōng kāi 鬆開
to let go of sth held in one's mouth
(fig.) to relent
to yield
sōng kǒu 鬆口
to let go
to relinquish one's grip
sōng shǒu 鬆手

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