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Chinese Proficiency Test. Level 4

to die; impassable; uncrossable; inflexible; rigid; extremely; damned
.幹 gàn tree trunk; main part of sth; to manage; to work; to do; capable; cadre; to kill (slang); to fuck (vulgar)
ér and; as well as; and so; but (not); yet (not); (indicates causal relation); (indicates change of state); (indicates contrast)
.噹 dāng (onom.) dong; ding dong (bell)
.當 dāng to be; to act as; manage; withstand; when; during; ought; should; match equally; equal; same; obstruct; just at (a time or place); on the spot; right; just at
suǒ yǒu all; to have; to possess; to own
.也許 yě xǔ perhaps; maybe
xíng to walk; to go; to travel; a visit; temporary; makeshift; current; in circulation; to do; to perform; capable; competent; effective; all right; OK !; will do; behavior; conduct; Taiwan pr. [xing4] for the behavior-conduct sense
.不過 bù guò only; merely; no more than; but; however; anyway (to get back to a previous topic); cannot be more (after adjectival)
.發生 fā shēng to happen; to occur; to take place; to break out
yī qiè everything; every; all
bào to hold; to carry (in one's arms); to hug; to embrace; to surround; to cherish
bào qiàn to be sorry; to feel apologetic; sorry !
.感覺 gǎn jué to feel; to become aware of; feeling; sense; perception; CL:個|个[ge4]
kěn dìng to be certain; to be positive; assuredly; definitely; to give recognition; to affirm; affirmative (answer)
bàng stick; club; cudgel; smart; capable; strong; wonderful; classifier for legs of a relay race
to use; by means of; according to; in order to; because of; at (a certain date or place)
.以為 yǐ wéi to think (i.e. to take it to be true that ...) (Usually there is an implication that the notion is mistaken – except when expressing one's own current opinion.)
diào to fall; to drop; to lag behind; to lose; to go missing; to reduce; fall (in prices); to lose (value, weight etc); to wag; to swing; to turn; to change; to exchange; to swap; to show off; to shed (hair); (used after certain verbs to express completion, fulfillment, removal etc)
shēng huó life; activity; to live; livelihood
zhī (possessive particle, literary equivalent of çš„[de5]); him; her; it
rèn hé any; whatever; whichever; whatsoever
.與 and; to give; together with
nòng to do; to manage; to handle; to play with; to fool with; to mess with; to fix; to toy with
.卻 què but; yet; however; while; to go back; to decline; to retreat; nevertheless; even though

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