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English Simpl/pinyin/sound Traditional
(when used either before or after a verb) to go in order to do sth; to go; to go to (a place); (of a time etc) last; just passed; to send; to remove; to get rid of; to reduce; to be apart from in space or time; to die (euphemism); to play (a part); (after a verb of motion indicates movement away from the speaker); (used after certain verbs to indicate detachment or separation)
in order to
for the purpose of
so as to
wèi le 為了
in order to
to use
by means of
according to
because of
at (a certain date or place)
in order to
so that
so as to
便 yǐ biàn 以便
in order to avoid
so as not to
yǐ miǎn 以免
stick-like implement inserted into the handles of a tripod cauldron in ancient times in order to lift the cauldron
commonly used in Korean names, transcribed as "hyun"
to enter houses at night in order to rape women
to pick flowers
cǎi huā 採花
(Tw) (of the police) to bury a crime (i.e. conceal the existence of a criminal case in order to improve crime-solving statistics or in return for a bribe etc) chī àn 吃案
to comply in order to please others
to accommodate sb else's taste
to make fun of
còu qù 湊趣
to feed livestock with highly nutritional food in order to fatten them up in a short time cūi biāo 催膘
in order to
able to
so that sb can
finally in a position to
with sth in view
dé yǐ 得以
ancient weapon with a tip like a grappling hook, thrown at enemy combatants in order to capture them fēi wō 飛撾
in order to
easy to use
to function well
so that
使 hǎo shǐ 好使
to deny oneself comforts in order to save money for one's education jiǎn xué 儉學
in order to
so as to
for the purpose of
jiè yǐ 借以

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